Research at Stropkov Castle.

We have started the summer season of research of the Stropkov castle – in a region where archeology is in the area of terra incognita and where surprising findings can be expected.
This year’s area research is concentrated in the NW part of the Stropkov fortification and covers the area of the entire NW fortification bastion.
The local media already inform about the research.:

Korzár SME – V Stropkove realizujú záverečnú fázu archeologického prieskumu hradu

Nový Čas – V Stropkove chcú oživiť históriu: Na tomto mieste stál pred 100 rokmi hrad!


Enjoy one of the sparse iconographic sources of Stropkov castle in 15. century.

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  1. Enjoy the fantasy of Elemír Soós? Are you joking?

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